Our customers exclusive dreams are the motivation for our activities. With newest technologies we start to new horizons. We create exclusive boats, old timer parts, art and design objects.

The successful translation of innovative solutions assumes both - detailed knowledge of the market requirements and technologically feasible solutions. The Beauvary GmbH combines this competence by highly-qualified workers, who combine technical and economical experiences. We use innovative manufacturing procedures, which we constantly develop further with our partners from science and practice – because nothing is more constant than the change.

The activities for the Beauvary GmbH are focuses on small-batch sheet metal manufacturing.

3D formed sheet metal units are used in many technological areas which in general can only be economically manufactured in mass production environment. 3D formed sheet metals are often very important to achieve a distinctive and brand focused design. Individual design parameters are often defined by special free formed surfaces.

Our service offering is strictly customer oriented. You could either acquire only ready made parts form us or we could execute together the complete process starting form 3D-scan or design developing, reverse or conventional engineering as well as prototype and small batch series production.