We create three-dimensional formed sheet metal parts, which in gernaral would require complex and cost intensive press forms.

Customers exclusive dreams are our motivation.

Ihre exklusiven Träume sind der Antrieb für unser Handeln und Schaffen. Mit dem Einsatz der neuesten Technologien brechen wir zu neuen Horizonten auf. Anwendung finden unsere Produkte in Oldtimerteilen, Kunst- Design Objekten, im Bootsbau etc.

With newest technologies we create new break open to new horizons. Our products in old timer parts, of art Design objects, in the boat building etc. apply. The successful conversion of innovative solutions presupposes detailed knowledge of the market need and the technologically feasible. The Beauvary GmbH combines this authority by highly-qualified coworkers, who combine technical and economical experiences. We set on innovativste manufacturing methods, which we constantly develop further with our partner from science and practice - nothing is steadier than the change. We are rooted as Aachener enterprise with the region and profit from that.

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