The incremental sheet metal forming process uses 3D CAD Data and generates  the forming path with a postprocessor  Therefore it is possible to produce small batches of 3D formed sheet metal for a reasonable price.

Time to market has become one of the most important factors for business success. CNC controlled incremental sheet metal forming reduces tool costs, enabling economical small series production within hours.

The principle of the CNC controlled incremental sheet metal process is based on the idea to replace tool and die by a single die made out of wood and to form the metal with a cinematic process using a universal tool. The shaping takes place via the movement of a three axle CNC steered forming head. The CNC-controlled forming head gauges the component contours in the XY-even. The feed of the forming head in the z-axle is in highline contour.

The machining data for the forming process can be derived from the digital CAD model of the work piece. Since the production of complicated forming tools is void it is possible to produce complex formed metal parts without long lead times.

The advantages of isfm as an innovative industrial forming process are a high reproduction accuracy, equal lasting quality and small manufacturing costs.
Since the process doesn’t depend on a complex and expensive tool and die, changes in geometry of the product can be made at any time and will be converted quickly.