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Affected by the innovation speed and the high variation of Products our customers demand it is only possible to show a piece of the cake.

Porsche 911 Serie 1: The severe lack  and demand for some parts for the Porsche 911 series 1, made it obvious for us to rebuild some of those parts.
We are however not bound to any brand or vehicle Type and looking forward to any proposal.

Your Bodyparts - 3D-scan and reproduction: we are pleased to reproduce your parts for a reasonable price. With our portable scansystem we can even take the Data at your place. Sometimes it is possible to take the scan with the parts still on the car. We are not fixed on any Brand or Type and you will be positively surprised by our prices.

Prototyps- and small batch production of sheet metal forms: we are open to produce formed sheet metal parts for other branches as well. We are specially interested in customers from houshold appliances and the art and design sectors.

Please feel free to get in contact with us with any inquiary
The team of the Beauvary GmbH is looking forward to handle your questions and needs.